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Thread: Welcome to the METROPOLITAN division! Wait, what?

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    Default Welcome to the METROPOLITAN division! Wait, what?

    Paul Grant writes some stuff about the new division names including our own new home, the Metropolitan division:

    A cruel wind blew through my inbox on Friday.

    The release of the NHL's regular-season schedule is always a big moment. The details of the 2013-14 games were great, of course -- it's going to be an exciting season, what with the full schedule, all teams playing home-and-homers, the outdoor games, the Olympic break, realignment and the new division names ... And that's where I was gobsmacked.

    The Metropolitan Division?

    It's bad enough we still have the Pacific, Central and Atlantic divisions, the latter of which, for example, has a mere two of eight teams actually touching the Atlantic Ocean (and Florida counts only because it's an entire state).

    Now we have to deal with a Metropolitan Division that includes Carolina, which, last I checked, was more of a regional concept than a metropolis. Also in the Metropolitan Division is New Jersey, which has its metropolitan components, sure, but some folks living in the appropriately named "Garden State" might take issue with that.
    There's more, but what do you guys think of the division name?

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    As odd as the name is , it's equally or MORE odd, that they kept an Atlantic division name, that doesn't have any of the teams that used to be in it. I just think that's bad.

    I'm guessing it will be called "Metro" for short.

    I did like whoever it was that tweeted that they liked the Metropolitan name, as long as there were the Suburbs and Boonies (and another I'm forgetting) too.



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