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    Wow, we made it through the Stanley Cup finals, the expansion draft, the unveiling of new sweaters, the announcement of a new Chex coach, and the TVR trade without a single post, as well as the signing of Scott Darling with only one post but not a single mention. So just saying hello so we don't make it all the way up to the draft without a single post as well...

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    Looks like RF made significant off season moves to improve this team! Love JWilliams signing as a free agent acquisition. He's going to help with locker room culture. Unloading Smurphy and Lack to clear space. Getting TVR to help shore up the last defensive pairing. Finally, getting a goalie who looks to have all the goods to replace an aging and porous Cward in net. Count this STH as pleased as punch with this off season.



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