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Nothing like a Game 7

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If you're a fan in Boston or Vancouver today; there is no possible way that you are focused on anything but what will happen tonight just after 8pm Eastern  on NBC in the U.S. and CBC up in Canada.

It's Game 7, Boston/Vancouver. It's all the marbles, "what we play for" - insert any cliche here- So, for anyone who ever played hockey; whether it was recreational, elite or some level of minor pro, and of course every NHL-eThe Stanley Cup r, all players, in their mind and heart, have played in a Game 7. Tonight's game counts, a new champ will be crowned, and the other team will see their hockey dream crushed.

This time five years ago, our very own Hurricanes were closing in on their destiny, a game 7 in their home building in front of their fans, in what can only be described as sheer bedlam. The lead up to that night on June 19, 2006, was all about atmosphere. Everyone has a story about what they did in the hours leading up to puck drop, and everyone has a glorious story about that game, the RBC Center, the bars, restaurants, homes and other gathering spots that lead up to Justin Williams empty netter that sealed the victory & the tizzy that this area went into when Rod Brind 'Amour lifted the Cup over his head.

We will be old and gray one day, and there will be a guy (or a gal) recalling the story of the Hurricanes first Stanley Cup championship. That's what happens when something special like a championship is won. A city/region/state unites in the glory, and we celebrate for the players and the organization that made it happen.

Hockey dreams are on the line tonight in Vancouver. The ultimate in any career is on the line. As the wonderful NHL ad campaign has told us all playoffs:

History Will Be Made.

Last Updated on Thursday, 16 June 2011 13:04

What a letdown...

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So now that the season has come to an untimely demise, we've got a long offseason to deal with. We've also got the single worst spot to be in to end the season. 9th place has no playoffs and no decent draft pick. We've also got to worry about who is coming back, who is leaving and who is going to be brought in.

Should Mo go?

We'll see what happens.


Matt Cooke Needs a GI Bath

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What an embarrassment. I mean really, can his mother even claim to be proud of this clown? Imagine throwing an elbow like he did against McDonagh. That's bad enough. Imagine that it's the 2nd time you've done something like this this year. Then imagine doing something like that absolutely deliberately, while the best player on your team and arguably the best in the league is sitting in the pressbox because he took a couple of the same shots to the head that you so love to dish out.

Yeah. Good luck looking any of the guys on your team in the eye.

The league's tossed him out for the rest of the season plus the first round of the playoffs. Minimum 14 games. But that shouldn't be the end of it. This ought to be handled... ahem... internally. Ever see that scene from Full Metal Jacket? Yeah, that's it.

Ok, so maybe actual physical violence is going too far, as much as a beatin' with socks full of soap might be satisfying. Shunning would be pretty good. Or, ooh I know, Maybe if Bylsma and Lemieux and the Penguins org put their money where their collective mouth is and cuts him? Send his ass packing. We don't need guys like this in the league. I don't care how good a player is, if he acts like this he shouldn't even be playing rec hockey in some backwater part of Saskatchewan.

I applaud the league for at least taking this one somewhat seriously, and hopefully this is where they've put their foot down and won't tolerate any of this anymore. There's far too many deliberate head shots going far too under-punished. While we're at it, how about putting a penalty in place for an accidental head shot, like there is for accidental high sticks. Players have learned to control their sticks and likewise they could learn to control their elbows and shoulders as well.


Last Updated on Tuesday, 22 March 2011 17:37


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I'm just gonna put this here. Cam Ward own's you, Buffalo.


Operation Asses in the Seats

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The Slugs will return to OUR HOUSE on April 3rd for what is guaranteed to be a very important game for both teams. If you were at the last game, you probably noticed the glut of empty seats. We need asses to be in those seats. More importantly, Caniac asses.

I know, I know, many of us can't stand Slug fans, who come down from their dreary home by the busload and drink for hours on end prior to the game and wind up awfully belligerent going in. Or worse, the same people you sit down the row from that have Canes jersey's on all year but show up in those god-awful Buffalo sweaters when we play them and act the same as their unruly brethren.

I also know that we like our games to be family friendly events.

It's well documented that a lot of Canes fans stay home because of this when the Slugs come to town.

That lets them win. They make an awful lot of pro-Slug noise in there that the Caniacs who do show up have more difficulty drowning out than they should. That's why we need to get Caniac asses in the seats, for crying out loud.

A lot of us that will be in attendance are purchasing extra tickets for this next game. Even if we can't use them, we will be giving them to others than can. If you could help to do your part by 1. Showing up and 2. getting extras it would be greatly appreciated.

"But Caniac, the Slug fans likely already have tickets! This won't do any good!" you say.

That's not really the point. It isn't necessarily to keep tickets out of the hands of Slug fans. It is to occupy as many seats that are remaining as possible with Canes fans. The more canes fans in attendance, the easier it is to DEFEND OUR HOUSE.

So help us out. Get some extra tickets. Or even if you can't go, buy a few and give them away to those that bleed Hurricanes Red.

More info and discussion can be found in the messageboard here.


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